School Bus Driver Accused of Having Child Pornography Dies

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SHAMOKIN DAM, Pa. -- A former school bus driver who was facing hundreds of counts of sexual abuse of children is dead.

Kenneth Beaver of Shamokin Dam was scheduled to be in court Monday morning in Snyder County. Police say Beaver had child pornography on his computer and phone.

According to the Snyder County district attorney, Beaver was found dead Monday morning of an apparent suicide.

Beaver was a bus driver for the Selinsgrove Area School District four years ago.


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  • navybluesweatpants

    School bus drivers, youth coaches, DARE program leaders, teachers, or just those awkward people you see walking the town….lots of suspect faces in NEPA places. Why isn’t this rampant child obsession in this area declared an epidemic already!?

    • burtfan16

      A lot of us could hold that policy as a law of ourselves. Doing it is another story. This guy could have felt the same way but couldn’t perform the task till his life got this far down the road. Never now what’s in a man’s heart or mind.

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