Progress on Pond Eddy Bridge

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SHOHOLA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Steelworkers are tightening bolts on the new Pond Eddy bridge connecting New York State with a dead-end community across the Delaware River in Pike County.

"I think it's going up fairly fast, looks like it'll be done in October, so we're excited," said resident Marina Mackey.

This project started back in 2016 and is set to replace the bridge that's been restricted to seven-ton vehicles for some time, limiting fuel deliveries and fire response.

"Hopefully, with this now, send it our way, get it like everyone else. We're not aliens or anything," said resident Connor Mitchell.

One of the obvious and most noticeable differences between the two bridges -- the new one doesn't budge when you jump on it. This one moves quite a bit when you jump on it and the new one barely moves at all.

"This one lasted over 100 years. That one over there should last over 200," said PennDOT official Steve Franchak.

A rainy spring led to some problems with the $17.5 million project but not enough to delay completion beyond the end of this year.

"We were probably overcome by water four, five times that our causeway was underwater, had to stop everything, take everything out of the river and start all over," Franchak said.

Now with a new bridge on the horizon, folks who live on the other side from New York State look forward to something much more reliable.

"Compared to this thing, that looks like it'll hold up as long as this one did, hopefully, longer," Mitchell said.

"It's going to be really good for everyone," Mackey added.

Once the new bridge is open later this year, the old bridge will be torn down.

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