Camping Through the Heat

UPPER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Walking around Fantasy Island Campground near Sunbury, you'll find people spending time outside at their campsites. This was not so much the scene last weekend.

"Hot, nasty, disgusting, sticky. We were in the pool, we were in the river," Lori Jacob said.

Lori Jacob is from Philadelphia but tells Newswatch 16 she basically lives at Fantasy Island Campground during the summer.

"We spend every weekend here, every summer here, every vacation here," Jacob said.

Jacob and many others made sure their trailer's air conditioners were up and running last weekend. Campers tell Newswatch 16 they spent a lot of time at the campsite's pool and in Lake Augusta.

"It was very hot. We spent the whole weekend on the river in our boat. Just lounging in the water and having fun," Bill Reed said.

"We had some guests in our cabin last weekend it was very hot for them, our air conditioning was having a hard time even keeping up so we moved them over to one of our rental RVs," Lacie Wert said.

Even though it's supposed to be cooler this weekend, people tell Newswatch 16 they still plan to spend most of their time on the water.

"The river is still going to be calling us out. We're still going to go," Jacob said.

"It's supposed to be pretty warm tomorrow. We'll spend it on the river," Reed said.

"Ride my bike with my friends and do other things," Jocie Wert said.

The campers tell us they will be here no matter how hot it gets, but they would prefer it not be a heat wave.

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