Bucks for Burpees

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Tim Muenkel owns Keystone Crossfit in Dunmore and absolutely adores animals.

His pit bull, Reagan, is a rescue and the unofficial mascot of his gym.

A month ago, Muenkel posed a challenge to raise money for True Friends Animal Welfare Center in Susquehanna County.

For every dollar collected, Muenkel promised to do a burpee and when the money was tallied it came to $1,230.

"Within 2 minutes we had 500 dollars, you know that's how the community is, we love to give but it's also fun for it to be a reason," said Muenkel.

Not familiar with a burpee?

Well, this is it - a full body exercise and doing more than one thousand burpees is hard, really, really hard.

"I feel bad for him, i feel sorry for him and his body, because that's gonna be hard on his body. i'm not much of a fitness expert, but that's borderline superhuman," said Jonathon Onyon who works at true friends animal welfare center.

Muenkel had a little help from a friend, fellow crossfit coach Jule musto.

He did a thousand burpees, and she did the rest.

"I also kind of like burpees as much as a person could like burpees, so i volunteered to do so," said Musto.

Muenkel says he's happy to hurt a little if it means helping animals in need.

Tim says, "I decided to kind of up the ante a little bit and put some of my own suffering on the line because everyone loves to torture their coach with burpees."


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