Blankets Donated to People Battling Cancer

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A car dealership in the Wyoming Valley donated blankets to cancer patients at a hospital in Luzerne County.

Those blankets came with special words of encouragement to those battling the illness.

One by one, stacks of blankets were delivered to the cancer center at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township.

Subaru of Wyoming Valley and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society combined to donate 80 blankets to cancer patients and others receiving treatments at the medical center.

"There's people out there thinking about us. When you're in here doing your treatment, even though you're not alone, it's kind of a secluded thing. What do you do, do you stay secluded, do you open up? Knowing there's people out there saying 'let's make them smile,'" said Ricky Pelliccione.

"When they get treated, they frequently get cold, a little chilly, and the blankets come in really handy," said Dr. Arthur Meyer.

Each of the 80 blankets comes with a message of hope. Patients say these mean just as much, if not more than the blankets, because each message comes with a personal touch.

"You always remember something like that, always. I can remember things, my children don't believe me, I'm going to be 89 and I remember things when I was three," Mary Thiemann said.

"You're reading something that somebody wrote. They took the time to literally sit down and say this is how I feel and I hope you're feeling better because of that. That's awesome," Pelliccione said.

"The way you feel when you walk out of here, knowing you maybe encouraged someone to go on and stay strong through treatment and you realize that problems you may think are important to you are nothing after you come out of a center like this," said Mary Anthony, the GM of Subaru of Wyoming Valley.

This is the third year Subaru and the LLS have donated the blankets.

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