Interstate 80 Near Delaware Water Gap Reopened After Crash

UPDATE: Both lanes of Interstate 80 eastbound reopened just before 10 p.m. on Thursday.

WARREN COUNTY, N.J. -- A crash has shut down part of Interstate 80 eastbound near the New Jersey and Pennsylvania line.

Emergency officials tell Newswatch 16 Interstate 80 eastbound was closed at mile marker 1 near Delaware Water Gap in Monroe County.

According to officials, the crash involving a tractor trailer had traffic backed up for miles.

No word yet on what caused the crash.


  • lickerblisters

    If I was there I would have dropped a steamy deuce right in the middle of the median for all to see. Then I would have torn up the grass and threw all over the road like a dog.


    once again, a speeding truck causes mayhem, all because the state police in either state are completely useless, and do not do their job enforcing speed limits, and the rest of the vehicle and traffic laws. they basically held people prisoner in their cars, what if someone had a medical condition? help would not have made to them. traffic needs to be dissipated immediately. and trucks need to be governed to 65, and right lane only. any trucker caught speeding, 1000 fine, and 4 points on their c.d.l., no bargaining in court, set fines and points, maybe that will help, only if the police would wake up and DO THEIR JOB


        what world do you live in??? what governors? trucks pass you and make the car rock. you could be doing 65 and the trucks pass you like you are standing still. not one truck obeys the speed limit, no matter what road you are on. worst ones are the garbage trucks and fed ex drivers

    • Stefano Giovannini

      yes! just a few miles earlier there were trucks taking over the left lane, speeding faster than cars. i rarely see cops pulling over trucks. Law enforcement seems to focus on passenger cars. Are there stats about how many fatal crashed are caused by trucks? I was surprised when I moved to the USA that often on highways tractor trailer trucks are the fastest vehicles on the highway. In Europe often that have to stick on the right lane while cars use the faster lanes.

  • William Whitfield

    I was there on the PA side from 4:30pm until they let us proceed at 8:30pm and there was nothing from anyone as far as updates or any help getting us an alternate route just people outside their cars standing around sharing information. i hate this happened even though trucks go thru the treacherous ‘S’ in the gap way too FAST all the time. the state troopers could have done a better job getting some kind of movement instead of just standing around. horrible.

  • Stefano Giovannini

    I was there from 445 to 830 pm, stuck on the bridge. Police was absent and bridge authority incompetent. They did not allow women to use the restroom at the tool plaza, and sergeant told these women to urinate on the side of the road, which they did. They could have closed the highway and diverted traffic, there is a U turn exit ramp at the end of the bridge, there was not a single cop to divert the traffic. I have never witnessed such incompetence and lack of concern by part of law enforcement during such a massive jam. It would have been simpler to divert traffic elsewhere. I expressed my concern to the sergeant on the PA side and she simply replied the accident happened in NJ. So these 2 states can not coordinate a traffic jam? Really? Appalling incompetence. In another country law officers would have allowed to use facilities and provided maybe some drinking water to some drivers in need on the bridge.

  • Lester Lattig

    A stupid JB Hunt trucker rolled over headed east in the left lane. His truck is on its side blocking the left westbound lane as it toppled over the Jersey barrier. Traffic heading both ways through there is a mess.

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