Susquehanna County Celebrates the Fourth of July

MONTROSE, Pa. -- People lined the streets for the annual Fourth of July Parade in Montrose.

"They really come to watch us," parade committee member Ed DeWitt said. "The weather, despite what was originally predicted, is beautiful today."

This year, the parade had about 80 floats. There was lots of music, and American flags lined the route. Montrose's parade draws people from all over, including a Shriner's group from New York state.

"I think it's because there is not a lot of local parades for Fourth of July," David Karre with Kalurah Shriner's said. "A lot of people are away doing things and (this parade) has a great reputation."

Longtime WNEP photographer Michael Erat, who lives in Susquehanna County, came out to enjoy the parade. He said there is a reason a lot of out-of-towners make their way to Montrose for the Fourth.

"It's small-town America," Erat said. "Everybody comes. We put our chairs out early. We come up in the morning, put the chairs out. It's just our version of small-town America to celebrate our independence."

Of course, all of the parade-goers were there to honor our country and the men and women who protect it.

The celebration is set to be capped off with fireworks in the evening.