Smithfield Beach Popular on the Fourth of July

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Tons of food and some outdoor fun. That's how some folks at Smithfield Beach near Marshalls Creek spent their Fourth of July.

"We came from Jersey City, New Jersey to go to the lake, but the lakes were all crowded and we couldn't get in, so we came here. We left at 10, and we just got here. We finally found a destination that was free, well not free, available. So we paid $10 and we are here," said Bridget Marella, New Jersey.

Grills and picnic tables were set up in every corner of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Mellanie Dacunah from New Jersey was excited to spend the day in a place she's never been before.

"We are just having a picnic because there is nothing else to do, so we are coming to the Delaware Water Gap. There's lots of history around here and it's really cool," said Dacunah.

While there were hundreds of people up at the beach having a BBQ, there were also hundreds of people down at the river going for a boat ride.

"We like to do rafting back home, so this felt familiar to us, and it seemed like a good idea," said Toby Rottman, Colorado.

Toby Rottman from Colorado is hiking the Appalachian Trail. He says his family always wanted to visit the Poconos and the Fourth of July seemed like a perfect time for a vacation.

"My family came out to pull me off for a few days and enjoy some leisure, so we are rafting," said Rottman.

Others who spent their day at Smithfield Beach say they are glad the rain held off in this part of the Poconos so they could have some fun in the sun.

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