Fourth of July Parade in Millville

MILLVILLE, Pa. -- The heat wave continued in Millville on this sweltering Independence Day, but thousands still crowded the streets for the borough's annual Fourth of July Parade.

"It makes me proud to know that we have something this wonderful and wholesome to offer," said Joann Weyeg of Millville.

"Everybody is around, come from far and wide. There's more candy thrown for the kids here than any parade I've ever seen," said Dave Betts of Danville.

"It draws the whole community here for the whole week, so when the parade comes, everybody is here. The whole community comes out," said Debby Reifendifer of Millville.

People of all ages were in attendance--bearing the heat and rocking their red, white, and blue--waving and smiling as the floats passed by.

The Millville parade always features old-school tractors and retro cars, but people also celebrate Independence Day and express their love for America with outfits and hairstyles.

Many will continue their Fourth of July celebrations at Millville's carnival, which runs through Saturday.

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