State Police Involved in Snyder County Crash

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MIDDLECREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A crash in Snyder County Tuesday morning left a state police vehicle on its roof.

It happened just before 10 a.m. on Route 522 near the village of Kreamer.

According to state police, Trooper Alexander Barretts, 23, was on his way to a different crash in Beaver Springs about 20 minutes away. Investigators have not said how fast the trooper was going but did say his lights and siren were on before his cruiser was involved in the crash.

Investigators said the other vehicle pulled out onto Route 522 into the path of the state police cruiser. The driver of this vehicle was Joshua Super-Scretching, 25, of Philadelphia.

The vehicles collided and both landed on their roofs about 100 yards away.

Both drivers were taken to Geisinger Medical Center. The man from Philadelphia was taken in a helicopter and is in serious condition, but investigators say his injuries are non-life-threatening.

Trooper Barretts has minor injuries.

The speed limit along that section of Route 522 is 50 miles per hour, but investigators have not yet said how fast the trooper was driving.

Super-Scretching was charged with misdemeanor Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury While not Properly Licensed, as well as summary traffic violations.


  • AshleyyyWhoDat Saints

    Here is a idea SLOW DOWN! I totally enjoyed sitting in traffic today for a hour cause people can’t slow down.. That’s what I wanted to do today! 😒 Of course it won’t be the cops fault, they NEVER do anything wrong!

    • Fredric Underhill

      Watch what you say! They can mail you the citations and the jail you with a felony for not showing because the USPO didn’t deliver it.

  • Fredric Underhill


    If this trooper was 23, he could easily been totally inexperienced having just made it out of the same police academy ( nothing against the movie) class as the trooper who semi-automatically shot the civilian in East Pittsburgh area.

    If so …!

  • Fredric Underhill

    I’m surprised they didn’t report the SUV driver was running from the scene.

    Has anyone verified there was another crash?

    I didn’t read of any lights and sirens.

    The SUV operator might as well own up to it. He was driving while civilian.

  • mickmars

    Call it a hunch, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be the troopers fault (even if it 100% was) lol

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