Secret Service Warns of Card-Skimming Scams

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The United States Secret Service put out a warning saying identity thieves are targeting gas pumps during the Fourth of July.

A number of skimming devices have been found.

The Secret Service says skimming is now a $1 billion a year crime in the U.S. and it's growing. The agency is asking drivers to look out for devices that can steal your information.

"I am really paranoid about stuff so it concerns me. I don't like how pumps ask for your zip code. My dad only uses cash," Kendall Wells said.

Skimming involves a tiny device that steals card information. The device is installed inside the card slot at the gas pump.

Kendall Wells and her family made a quick stop at the Sunoco outside Hazleton before continuing their trip up north.

"Unfortunately, it's out there and so you deal with it. I like how the credit cards will call you if there are problems."

To avoid problems at the pump, some people just use cash.

"It happened to my father so what I do, at this point is, I use cash. I don't use any credit cards or machines whatsoever," said John Lorah.

"I don't use my credit card at the pump. I don't use my debit card ever," said Dawn Zalis.

"My question is, what can we do to make people realize that thievery is thievery and dishonesty is dishonesty? And, by God, that is America. It has gotten out of hand," Bob Taetz said.

Police advise if you do use your card at the pump, make sure to keep a close eye on your credit card statements.

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