Fear-Free Fourth for Furry Friends

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BRODHEADSVILLE, Pa. -- The loud bang of fireworks can easily spook dogs and cats.

Area Animal clinics and shelters are reminding people to take some extra precautions over the next few days to ensure your pet has a fear-free Fourth.

Fourth of July is a time to celebrate, and for many people, that means lighting up the sky with fireworks.

While the shows are fun for us, the same can't always be said our furry friends.

"It startles them more because they are not used to all this, you know loud bangs and booms. If you think about it, their ears are a lot more sensitive than ours," said Dr. Stephanie Goldstein, Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic.

Veterinarians at Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic say the loud bangs can easily spook dogs and cats.

Dr. Goldstein says there are a few things you can do to keep your pet calm.

"The main thing is to keep them inside. Don't take them with you to the fireworks because loud noises scare them. If they want to hide, let them. Don't pull them out because it's their security place."

This time of year is also very busy for animal shelters. Volunteers at AWSOM say if a pet gets spooked from fireworks, a lot of them end up at the shelter.

"We get an overwhelming amount of animals coming in through these doors," said shelter worker Kelly Fish.

Volunteers say sometimes pets will run away, so make sure your pet has a collar or a microchip so it can be easily identified and returned home.

"If a dog is to take off or a cat to take off, notify your local shelters, veterinarians. If you have a Facebook page, post pictures of the animal and where it went missing," Fish advised.

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