Workers Out Early to Beat the Heat

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BLAKELY, Pa. -- Some people, forced to be outside, found a way around the oppressive heat on Monday morning.

Grass and weeds grow fast in this hot and humid summertime weather.

Bryce Cholish has the job of getting rid of them. He's with the Blakely Department of Public Works.

We met Cholish before 8 a.m. The goal was to get the weeds down before the temperature goes up.

"Our plan today is get out early, beat the heat, get everything done as quickly as possible, keep hydrated," Cholish said.

Cholish adds he's doing all the other common-sense things -- taking breaks, getting in the shade once in a while, keeping as cool as possible.

Daniel Shea also started early. He was cleaning up Nay Aug Park in Scranton hours before the first swimmers arrived.

"We have to clean the bathrooms because there's a ton of people with the pool open and everything and the garbage, the stand here, a lot of people coming in and getting food. There's garbage all over the place, the parking lots," Shea said.

Shea and his coworkers will get the park looking perfect, only to do it all over again tomorrow.

People who work outside aren't the only ones who want to get a jump on that brutal afternoon heat.

Pat Kulick was making her early morning laps around the walking trail at a park in Blakely. After this, she's out of the heat.

"Staying in the air conditioning, going to the mall, going to the casino, going to the movies," Kulick said.

Kulick was headed home right after we spoke with her daily three miles in the books.

DPW workers said they prefer today's heat over your average winter day.


  • berriosisback

    50th heat story in 3 days. What do people do for 6 plus months in Arizona and Florida, curl up in a ball and cry. For a summers week in NEPA it gets hot and people complain. Then in the winter they will complain about the cold. You cant win here.

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