Weis in Marshalls Creek Closing in September

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The anchor store in a shopping center in Marshalls Creek will close by the end of summer.

Store officials at Weis Fresh Market in the Village Center announced the grocery store will take its final customers the first week of September.

Nannette Shaw from Marshalls Creek has been coming to the Weis Fresh Market in the Village Center for as long as she can remember. She was upset to see the red "Store Closing" signs in the window.

"It sucks. I like just coming down here and getting my groceries. I also work for the Weis up the road, so now I'll just have to do my shopping after work," said Shaw.

Weis officials say the store will close its long-time location in Smithfield Township by the first week of September.

Jeff Koprevich from upstate New York says he uses this Weis every time he and his family come to camp in the Poconos.

"I think that's not a good thing. There are not many other markets like that in this area, and we do come here every year."

Not only is the Weis closing sad for customers, but it's also upsetting for some business too, like Brother's Pizzeria. Owners there say they actually started doing deliveries when they found out the store would be closing to help make up for the foot traffic they think they are going to lose.

"If people aren't going to come to the plaza, we will go to them. We are hardworking guys trying to make a living here and hopefully, it will work out," said Brother's Pizzeria co-owner Louie Krasniqi.

Krasniqi says he relied on the grocery store for last-minute necessities. He hopes whatever takes its place will be beneficial to the area.

"I hope a ShopRite or another grocery store. It might be nice to see something for the kids, but who knows?"

More than 30 employees at this location will be relocated to other Weis stores in the area.


  • Fredric Underhill

    Weis probably figured it could serve the area with the remaining locations and perhaps expanded hours. The lease, insurance and energy cost far exceeds the payroll expenses. Further Walmart is making life uncomfortable now. Add the new supermarket planned for the area, this move saves jobs.

    Tell those who whine to weld their mouths shut.

    Further the tax and quasi-tax load is destroying the area economically, thank those in state government who represent real estate interests.

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