‘It’s worse than most landfills’ – Concern over Centennial Park in Ashley

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ASHLEY, Pa. -- People in Ashley say Centennial Park just isn't what it is used to be. There's exposed concrete underneath the playground, cracks all over the tennis court, and when it rains, pools of water form below the swings, attracting mosquitoes.

"It's worse than most landfills. It's not taken care of. It's not maintained. Drainage isn't taken care of. There's no mulch. Someday a kid is going to get hurt," said one borough resident.

A while ago, council members say close to $10,000 was assigned to make the park safer, but so far, no work has been done.

"Awful, embarrassing, shameful, that's where I'm at with the park," said borough manager Jerry Maldonado.

"Money was allocated over a year ago to clean it up, put mulch in here and that, and it's been held off since," said borough council member Frank Sorokach.

Council members Jerry Maldonado and Frank Sorokach couldn't answer why nothing has been done to fix up the park. In the meantime, they are worried some kids could get hurt.

"The water that was laying here, there were a lot of mosquitos in it, and we did have complaints from people in the borough," Sorokach said.

As temperatures continue to get higher and higher this week, more and more people are going to want to use the park, but council members say parts of it just aren't safe.

"This is not a third world country. This is Ashley, Pennsylvania. Something should be done," Maldonado said.

The Ashley borough council president tells Newswatch 16 mulch will be put down sometime next week to cover up some of the exposed concrete.

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  • Fredric Underhill

    They put thousands of dollars aside LAST YEAR and just now are going to dump mulch or wood chips now.

    Can I remind everyone mulch retains moisture which misquotes love?

    I’m getting a bad picture here.

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