Firefighters Battle Flames and High Temperatures

MONTGOMERY, Pa. -- Firefighters in Lycoming County had to deal with oppressive temperatures while putting out a barn fire in Montgomery. Neighbors said the building went up like a fireball Monday morning.

Firefighters weren't just working in the heat. They were wearing about 70 pounds of gear while doing it.

"It's probably 100 years old, and it went up very, very quickly and very, very hot," said Montgomery Patrolman Kenneth Flewelling.

One of the first to respond to the barn fire just off South Main Street in Montgomery, Flewelling says the fire quickly spread to the apartment building next door.

"There are about 10 apartments there with 10 different people, so we had to go floor to floor to try and get everyone out," Flewelling recalled.

"At that time, it was already hot. You could feel it in my apartment so I had to run and get out," Jennifer Bucio said.

Bucio called 911. Now, she's not sure she'll be able to move back into her apartment.

"My kids, you know, I'm glad that they are out, but they don't understand their stuff is gone," Bucio said.

Keeping hydrated is an important key to fighting fires, especially on days like this one when temps are reaching up into the 90s.

"I feel horrible for them because they've got to be drenched. They have to be exhausted. It's entirely too hot," Bucio said.

"They are pretty exhausted, so just a nice cool refreshing drink is great," said EMT Becky Kroft.

Kroft handed out water to firefighters and others working in the heat.

"It's incredibly hot. You sweat right through your clothes. Everything is soaked just being in them," Kroft said.

"They did a really good job getting it out because it could have been a lot worse. It could have taken that whole building out," Bucio added.

The apartment building has some damage, but emergency responders tell us everyone got out safely.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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