Bishop Bambera Visits Border

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Bishop Joseph Bambera of the Diocese of Scranton is on a mission to meet migrants at the U.S. border with Mexico.

The Diocese tells Newswatch 16 Bambera one of five U.S. bishops meeting people who've crossed the border and have been separated from their children in Texas.

On Monday, the bishops plan to see one of the centers where children are being held.


  • jimbrony

    The good bishop is headed to the border the same week the state AG is working on getting abuse documents made public. Coincidence?

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    This puppet bishop is just following orders from Red Francis in the Vatican. Between the ‘globalism’ (communism) and all of the molestations, they’re destroying the Catholic Church.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      And thinking about it, Pope Benedict is still alive. He was the first Pope to ‘resign’ in 600 years. Don’t tell me it wasn’t to make room for Francis The Mad Jesuit.

  • jsrant

    Cross the boarder illegally you deserve to be deported no questions asked. Unfortunately the bishops don’t pay taxes so they don’t see what the hard working taxpayers see their money goes. You want them to come in this country you pay the bills, and not from the church parishioners.

    • J (@ds18301)

      Under trump the billionaires and their companies don’t pay taxes (or pay a pittance compared to what you pay). They use your money and abuse the public infrastructure to buy their private jets and mansions. We maintain military bases to protect their interests in abroad that costs billions of YOUR dollars. Exxon not only does not pay federal taxes but receives tax CREDITS out of your pocket. These migrant workers bring net value to the country — every study shows that — includes trump’s Interior Dept.’s latest one. Get informed and direct your outrage where it belongs.

      • jimbrony

        Everything you said is completely irrelevant and off topic except one thing: Migrant workers (documented, here legally, temporarily to work) do bring value to the US economy. They’ve been doing it for decades, legally. Illegals need to go, now.

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