Downing Dogs to Help Out Veterans

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SUNBURY, Pa. -- A friendly dare at the Northumberland County sheriff's office turned into the department raising more than $1,500 for veterans.

Lunchtime for employees at the Northumberland County Courthouse usually involves a trip to one of Sunbury's restaurants. But on this day, there were hot dogs. Lots of hot dogs.

"I ate a grand total of four, which is a personal record," Andy Plank said.

18 Northumberland County employees participated in the hot-dog eating contest, sponsored by the sheriff's department.

People gathered outside the courthouse with handmade signs, cheering on their favorite contestant.

"Pretty much every office in our courthouse was represented, so it was a good turnout," Plank said.

Andy Plank is from the sheriff's office. He tells Newswatch 16 this all started from a dare a few months ago. Employees first had an egg-eating contest and then this.

"We decided to find a worthy cause to donate to. We thought we could raise some money from it."

The event raised $1,500 for Pennsylvania's Wounded Warriors. All of that money will go directly to veterans in Pennsylvania.

"In a divisive world that we're in right now, when people come together like this to support our veterans, it's very heartwarming," said Brig. Gen. Marsha Davis/PA Wounded Warriors.

Attorney Michael Finn with the special conflicts office was the winner, eating 12 hot dogs in ten minutes.

"I think I could eat a lot more but I didn't want to get sick. I feel pretty good. I don't feel that full," Finn said.

Participants say they had a great time.

"We're at the courthouse. there's a lot of negative things at the courthouse. You have attorneys going against each other. This is one thing where everybody can come together and have a good time for a good project," Finn added.

"When Pigs Fly" food truck was on hand for the employees who did not eat hot dogs. The vendor gave some of its proceeds to Pennsylvania's Wounded Warriors, too.

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