Students Help Plant Community Garden

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OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Thanks to a donation from a community partner, some students in Lycoming County are trying their hand at gardening.

STEP Head Start Round Hills in Old Lycoming township has a new community garden. Thanks to AmeriHealth Caritas Northeast, a health plan company that works with Head Start, these students had a chance to plant vegetables and flowers.

"Sometimes children think their food comes from the grocery store when they see an apple. They really don't know its source," said Laurel Cowher.

With help from their teachers and parents, these new gardeners also planted sunflowers, eggplant, and kale.

"It teaches kids about the different produce they may not have available to them at home," said Nancy Fahey, America Caritas Northeast.

"This is giving children the chance to see where their food source comes from. That it is natural based. That things do grow in soil and they need water and they need sunshine to grow," Cowher added.

5-year-old Drake Cohick helps his mom in their garden at home in Williamsport.

"I like it cause then he gets to watch it grow. We'll come back over the summer and see how much it progresses. We can watch a tomato turn into one that we can eat and bring home," Sarah Cohick said.

Once it's time to harvest Head Start hopes to have some of the students who helped dig in the dirt try the vegetable they planted.

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