‘Blown Away’: Family Receives Keys to New Home Thanks to Habitat for Humanity

MILTON, Pa -- With the handing over of the keys, Steven and Heaven Botts became owners of a house in Milton.

This is all thanks to the Habitat for Humanity Branch that covers Snyder, Union and Northumberland counties.

"Blown away really," Steven Botts said. "Very blessed. Words could not even describe how we're feeling."

Everything in the home is brand new. The home was built from the ground up.

It's a major upgrade from the couple's apartment in Sunbury.

"We found out we had black mold," Heaven Botts said. "We had the carpets actually sink in where there was dry rot. The nails were coming off of the walls. We didn't even have a ceiling in our kitchen. There was a leak and they never fixed it."

Steven and Heaven's previous apartment was as big as the new home's living room and kitchen, but now they have a four bedroom, two bathroom house to raise their three children. The best part about it is: the couple just got married on Saturday.

"It's an unbelievable feeling," Steven Botts added. "Just being able to watch them grow up and make memories with them in a safer environment."

"We would like to see the kids growing up in a house rather than an apartment," Sandra Hopkins of Habitat for Humanity said. "The kids do much better growing up in a home with that stability and they were definitely the people for us."

The couple spent hours working on the home. They've also promised to volunteer on other projects.

Habitat for Humanity tells Newswatch 16 it's looking for a family to move into a home in Mount Carmel.

If you're interested, you can find more information here.


  • Chris Schlieder

    For those who are not aware Habitat for Humanity is privately funded. The families who are selected have jobs and are able to support a 0%interest 30 year mortgage. For more faccts on the Habitat for Humanity program please contact our office.
    Thank you and God bless. .

  • jsrant

    So you “just” got married but have 3 kids. Sounds like mom applied for home, got it now let’s get married. How much are you getting from welfare, too. Wish I could get these perks. To bad I work.

  • jimbrony

    WNEP: You’ve got a lot of nerve showing a story about a married heterosexual couple during pride month. With children no less. This is quite offensive and insensitive to the LBGTQIAEIEIO community. Rumour is they demand you run some articles on gay couples now and make them a cake.

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