Woman’s Garden Mistakenly Destroyed, City Vows to Replant

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- Wilkes-Barre city officials are calling it a mistake after some seasonal workers showed up at the wrong house and ended up chopping down a woman's flower garden.

Through tears, the woman told us she saw her pride and joy shredded by summer help for Wilkes-Barre's DPW.

City officials came out to let her know they would fix what had been cut down.

"I was devastated; this is 30 years of work."

This homeowner in Wilkes-Barre was so upset she didn't want her face shown as she relived the moments of her garden being cut down.

What makes matters worse she says, the crew that cut down her garden earlier this week were supposed to be working on the vacant house next door.

"Beautiful pink carnations, I had everything and it's all gone. Everything, it is all gone, flowers that I planted 20 years ago that were just getting better and stronger."

Recently, the homeowner left her job and was looking forward to tending to her garden during the summer. Now, she is left with debris scattered around her front yard and only the memory of what once was a garden.

"30 years of work that I put into this, not to mention 1,000 hours and hundreds and hundreds of dollars and things were just starting to blossom."

Wilkes-Barre city officials made their way down to check on the damage and to apologize for the mistake made by their summer help.

"We sent a young crew up to cut a property and they saw one that was overgrown and went to cut it. It was a simple mistake," said city administrator Ted Wampole.

"The city guys are going to help me out and make things right for me. I am very appreciative for it," said the homeowner.

City officials tell Newswatch 16 they will be sending a landscaper out to help fix the garden.


  • Matt Berns

    Were they given the wrong address? Kinda doubt that after 30 yrs her plants were about to bloom, unless she had a few corpse flowers. Shes getting a new front yard now.

  • DG1959 (@nep1959)

    Wilkes-Barre hiring dummies nothing new. Like you can’t tell the difference between over growth compared to a garden of healthy vibrant plants. If in doubt call the office for clarification.

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