Person, Dog Both Hurt in Shootout in Hazleton

HAZLETON, Pa. -- One person and a dog were both hurt in a shootout in Hazleton.

Police say it happened inside and around a home on North Wyoming Street around 5 a.m on Wednesday.

Officials haven't said how either the victim or dog are doing.

No arrests yet in that gunfire in Hazleton.


  • navybluesweatpants

    Is it still safe to vacation at the Montfort Inn in Sheppton? They have a nice pool there and the rooms really glow under a blacklight. Great hourly rates. This crime has to stop. If I can’t take the family to the Monfort for our summer getaway, what is this area coming to!?

    • berriosisback

      I think you are better off vacationing to pottsville. They got the train station with no real live train, the old black and tan brewery, and cheesesammys. Also u can go hiking to cumbola easily from pottsville. the pottsville diner is gonna be the next world renown eatery without paying for the marketing.

      • mickmars

        Don’t forget to visit the projects all around the courthouse either while in lovely Pottsville. It’s kinda like a zoo, but without the cages. Stop by the Brok Sel market on your way in, and you can feed the live exhibits outside the projects. (The ones that aren’t passed out anyway)

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