Explosion in Wayne County Mailbox

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HONESDALE, Pa. -- An investigation is underway in Honesdale after a mailbox was blown up.

Downtown Honesdale is typically pretty quiet, but around 1 a.m. Tuesday, a bang woke sisters Emma and Jolene Kelly out of bed.

"We thought maybe a car backfired, or something like that, but we didn't think that somebody would blow up a mailbox," said Emma Kelly.

Honesdale police shared a photo on Facebook of the destroyed mailbox on the corner of Main and 13th Streets.

"Who would think something like that would happen in this little town? But you never know. Now you wonder who did that," said Hilda Bakos.

The Postal Service replaced the mailbox but bits of blown-up mail remain.

Honesdale police and the United State Postal Service are investigating. Messing with the mail is a federal offense.

"It's difficult to say. It could have been a prank. It's just, it could have been somebody upset with the mail. I really don't know," Barry Mack said.

Officers don't know for sure what kind of explosive device was used, but given that the Fourth of July is right around to corner, a firework could be to blame.

As the holiday comes, neighbors hope revelers keep away from this part of Honesdale and any mailboxes.

"I hope we can keep this one for a long time now," Mack added.


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