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Wheel Restaurant Now World Renowned

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- A restaurant in Pottsville just received a big honor -- it was named one of the best diners in the country.

Ever since "Wheel" restaurant opened in Pottsville nearly two years ago, the place has become a favorite for grilled cheese lovers.

"I grew up with it and I don't know many people that don't like grilled cheese," said John Royal.

The restaurant's popularity has brought it some national recognition.

"Travel and Leisure" magazine just named Wheel one of the 25 best diners in the country, landing in the number 12 spot.

"I think it's a huge deal. I don't know anyone around here that has had this happen," employee Taliah Greenawalt said.

"We've been very well received by our community and we truly appreciate it," said owner Savas Logothetides.

The owner of Wheel and his employees attribute some of their success to the Yuengling Brewery and all the customers it brings them.

The magazine used Yelp reviews to make the list.

"I'm assuming that it took the reviews, but also where the reviews were coming from. Not only from in town but also from out of town. We get a lot of tourists from the Yuengling Brewery," Logothetides said.

"It's really nice to meet people from literally all over the world. We've had people from Australia. so, that was pretty cool," Greenawalt said

The owner is a third generation restaurant owner.

"to me, this is a great tribute to my family. My grandfather started this restaurant in 1968 in this building and he passed away about six months ago. So, to me this is a great tribute to him and our legacy," said Logothetides.

The restaurant is not a typical diner. Its menu features a number of gourmet grilled cheeses. Customers can also build their own.

The owner of Wheel does plan to expand. He wants to open more restaurants in the near future.


  • navybluesweatpants

    Who goes out to eat for grilled cheeses!? Hahaha only in the kooky skooky. Pottsville is always good for a laugh. I might open up a ramen noodle bar next door. Or maybe a gourmet peanut butter and jelly cafe! Haha Cute story

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