Extreme Flag Football League Thriving In Monroe County

Edward Hennix played high-school football for Ed Christian at East Stroudsburg South. After that some semi-pro and some full contact now he's part of the Extreme Flag Football League based out of Monroe County. 10 teams that play 9 on 9 year round on Sunday's.

"It is very exciting. We just come out here and have fun. We have cookouts. We have bouncy houses for the kids. You know we play games like four or five games on Sunday," said Edward.

Demetri Thompson is the president of the XFFL. He played for the Hurricanes at the University of Miami and sees the growth of the entire flag football community.

"9 on 9 means that we keep three lineman in. So for the big guys they can actually still have a chance. We think about the big guys lineman d-lineman you guys are not out there catching passes you guys are lined up head to head and actually going at it. So big guys can actually get that big guy work in," said Demetri.

During the spring and fall seasons here at the Monroe County park this place is packed with more than 300 people, so with the spring season coming to an end the playoffs have been moved to Pleasant Valley High-School July 1st with the semifinals in the morning followed by the championship game on July 8th at 10am.

"Why do you like flag now? A little less contact I guess, but it allows you to keep your skills up and being as old as I am my age I'm 42 years old so I'm blessed to be playing in this league. Just keeps me energized and keeps me running around with the kids and keeps me athletic all the way around," said Darrell.

"A couple of my friends got me into flag football and I love it. Every Sunday I am out here playing my heart out, and it gives me an opportunity to keep going and keep myself together you know," said Kelvin.

July 28th is another big day.This time inside the PPL Center in Allentown prior to the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Arena League game the XFFL will play the UFFL it's the best of the Poconos vs the best of the Lehigh Valley.

"The reason why I think that this is going to continue to grow is because guys need opportunities to stay in shape. There's an off-season for the semi pro and there's off-season for arena and we fit right into that," added Demetri.

Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Monroe County.

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