Detours and Headaches in Northern Wayne County

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BUCKINGHAM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A long detour because of a closed road is causing headaches for drivers in northern Wayne County.

The plans for construction have been in the works for a while but PennDOT is just starting to make repairs.

Those we spoke to say the detour near the Delaware River is happening during the worst possible time: vacation season.

Businesses that are along the river now have to make adjustments to keep up with the demands of their customers.

Detour and road closed signs can be seen for miles in northern Wayne County.

PennDOT says Winterdale Road just across the state line from New York State is in needs of repairs.

The timing, however, is leaving those who live on the state road frustrated.

"Just the inconvenience of people getting back and forth to Hancock (New York) to go shopping or the doctors and we have many fishermen who come here on the west branch of the Delaware," said resident Maribeth Lisnock.

A spokesperson for PennDOT says a section of Winterdale Road is sliding away. It was closed in late May.

The $3.5 million repairs were delayed because of permit issues.

Those affected have to take a detour around the construction of at least 15 miles.

Maribeth Lisnock runs a boat shuttle business along the Delaware River and now has to take the long way to assist customers on the water

"We pick up the trailer and the truck and move it to where they come out of the water and that is usually a 10-minute drive and this puts at least 30 miles extra to every single trip," Lisnock said.

This isn't the first time poor road conditions have affected those living in this area. Three years ago, it was potholes but this road closure is bringing a different type of headache.

It took $4.5 million of state funding to fix that. It will take another $3.5 million to take care of the slide problem.

Newswatch 16 spoke to Nancy Holpert then and now. She says this road closure has a familiar feeling.

"It is déjà vu. Three years ago, it was the pothole where you would have to go so slow, you couldn't do more than 20 miles per hour," Holpert said.

PennDOT expects work to start later this week. A spokesperson says that roadwork in northern Wayne County is expected to wrap up around the end of November.

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