Teens Caught on Camera Throwing Rocks at Houses in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Police in Scranton posted a video of teenagers on their Facebook page in the hopes of help identifying them.

Police say the teens are caught on camera throwing rocks at houses in the city's Hill Section and they wanted to know who these kids are.

Jacob Cole says he had a rock thrown through his window around 9:30 Thursday night.

“All of a sudden I heard kids walk by, I had my door screen open so I could hear them, I was like oh kids walking by and then couple seconds later, smash,” said Cole. “My window, but luckily it hit the wood so it didn't go through luckily or else glass would have went everywhere.”

“The lady next door had a rock thrown through her window. She lives alone so she was very upset about it,” said Moira Connolly.

The Hill Section Neighborhood Association president says a lot of the rock throwing seems to be happening along Myrtle Street.

Dave Carroll lives on Myrtle Street and still has what was launched at his house.

“This is what they threw, it wasn't like a little rock,” said Carroll, holding up a large piece of what appeared to a chunk of asphalt. “And I said thank god the kid that threw it had bad aim because it hit the center of the second floor and missed the windows.”

While Scranton police only recently posting the surveillance video, people here say the rock throwing has been going on for weeks, if not a month.

“They’re young kids, they can’t be more than middle school age,” said Carroll. “And mine happened in the middle of the day, my next door neighbor's happened in the middle of the day like a week later.”

Carroll says he even watched them throw it from inside his house.

“There was like three of them and they were across the street and as I was approaching, I could see the reflection of the one kid, starting to do a little run and hurl this rock,” said Carroll. “So I came out and they immediately took off and I started screaming at them.”

Anyone who may recognize the teenagers in the video is asked to contact Scranton police.


  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    Amazing how a lack of intelligence exists among such kids , Sure they are just as skilled with spray paint and will soon move on to regular criminal activities along with drug sales . If they check the videos at the projects they will find their “cribs” literally !

  • John Harrison

    What the hell is going on with kids these days! When I was a kid in the sixties & the seventies, such behavior was unheard of!

    • ajsmithers22

      It’s just pure disrespect.. When I was a teenager in the late 90’s/early aughts this behavior would’ve got your ass beat.. Not a lickin, a full fledged beatdown.. closed fists, body slams, and all.. guess what..? We didn’t behave this way.. perhaps that’s what these kids need.. let em think about it while they’re grounded to their bedroom for a few weeks.. without their cellphones, computers, and playstations.. only allowed to come out to help you work.

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