Playground Upgrades Underway in Gordon

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GORDON, Pa. --A community in Schuylkill County is getting a new playground.

Gordon's borough manager says it should be open soon.

"They started tearing down all the old stuff and we were wondering what was going on and my grandkids can't wait. They keep coming over here like, 'is it done, is it done?'" said Gordon resident Kathy Haage.

Borough Manager Jason Quick says the playground was paid for with money that was left over from last year's budget.

"All the equipment that was here was very outdated, built in the sixties and seventies. It wasn't safe anymore, so we decided this would be the best way to spend some money that we had," Quick said.

The borough made a time-lapse video to show the construction of the playground. It took a group of volunteers about eight hours to do the work.

Even though the equipment is up, the playground is not ready. There's fencing around the park right now. The borough manager says it is not safe enough to play on yet.

"Everything has to be tightened up. We have to put down some more stone, another layer of geotech fabric to keep the stone and the mulch separated, some more mulch and finishing touches," Quick explained.

After the playground is complete, the borough plans to apply for grants that would help make the playground and the park handicap accessible.

"We're getting more and more younger people coming into town with children. It's perfect, beautiful park, perfect place for families to spend time," Quick added.

"The borough here really takes care of everything and it's just another thing that you see that it's really great for the community. It's great for the kids," Haage said.

The playground should be ready for kids to play on in two weeks.


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