Non-Discrimination Rally in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG, Pa .-- June is pride month in the LGBTQ community, and Friday a rally was held in Lewisburg to promote an anti-discrimination ordinance.

Around 30 people stood outside the Union County Courthouse in Lewisburg and listened to area clergy voice their support for a non-discrimination ordinance.

"We are called to practice the prophetic, divine love of Jesus of Nazareth, who taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves," someone said.

"One of the principal notions in Buddhism is that there is really no separation between people. We really are one thing," Ed Oberholtzer said.

The non-discrimination ordinance was proposed but set aside at last month's Lewisburg borough council meeting. The ordinance would add protection to LGBTQ people from discrimination from housing, services employment and public accommodations.

"Other classes are protected under the state law and federally, but as gay people and transgender people, we are not protected," Luis Medina said.

48 municipalities in Pennsylvania have passed non-discrimination ordinances. But why is Lewisburg considering it?

"Some people say it hasn't happened, they haven't seen it. It doesn't mean it isn't happening. Sometimes these things go unnoticed," Medina said.

Newswatch 16 spoke with multiple business owners here in downtown Lewisburg. No one wanted to go on camera because they don't know enough about the proposed ordinance, which is still in its early stages.

Not everyone at the rally was in favor of the ordinance.

Yvonne Morgan tells Newswatch 16 she does not support discrimination but thinks this is a bad idea.

"I don't agree with the ordinance. I think it would have a strong consequence on people," Morgan said.

Right now there is no non-discrimination ordinance scheduled for a vote. A Lewisburg council member says it is a work in progress.


  • C R Lord

    The people who espouse the LGBT life are free to do so if they wish. To impose their beliefs on others and force them to violate their beliefs and their conscience is not right and is against our laws. Homosexuals and lesbians and the others who are involved in these sexual choices should never be able to force business people who reject their choices to bake a cake or provide any service for their activities that would violate the teachings of scripture. What does the Bible have to say about homosexual and lesbian behavior. Here are the words in the Bible that describe this sexual behavior.

    abomination – Leviticus chapter 18 (homosexuals, lesbians and people having sex with animals were stoned to death)

    Romans One speaks of homosexual and lesbian sex as “that which is against nature, vile affections and burning in lust.

    There is not a single scripture that speaks in a positive manner about homosexuals or lesbians. As a matter of fact, the only approved sexual activity in scripture is between a man and a woman after they are married. All sex outside of that is considered sin. That includes fornication (sex before marriage), adultery (sex with someone else’s spouse), sex with animals, sado-masochism, and every other form of sex that is not in a heterosexual marriage.

    However God allows people to live in all kinds of sin and doesn’t strike them dead or we would all be in Hell today. People need to understand that there is a day of judgment when all sin will be accounted for. Sex sin will be included also whether people want to believe it or not. Facing God in judgment and demanding our own way is utterly ignorant beyond words. Better to bow before him now and repent of our sins and know him as our Savior than to have to face him in judgment without forgiveness and damned forever.

  • Michele Wasylyk

    The Bible does not discriminate, however it is our ” handbook” on how we are supposed to live. Also, the LGBTQ community always says it’s discrimination, bigotry, hated, etc when anyone disagrees with their lifestyle choices. Meanwhile anyone who is a Christian and believes what is in the Bible, they say we’re a bunch of fruit loops or religious or they say it’s a myth. It’s a double standard. They can say and do whatever they want yet let a Christian try to even mention God or Jesus and watch what happens. You get oh stop your preaching or that’s all a myth. Heck, teachers can’t even say Jesus in school cuz it’s ” against the law”. It’s pretty sad .

  • AMJoy Fan

    As part of this ordinance they should make discriminatory behavior a CRIME. They also should make hate speech a CRIME. Maybe when some of these bigots get a lengthy jail sentence human rights will be protected!

    • C R Lord

      AMJOY FAN – You say; “As part of this ordinance they should make discriminatory behavior a CRIME. They also should make hate speech a CRIME. Maybe when some of these bigots get a lengthy jail sentence human rights will be protected!”

      Discrimination is not a crime and should never be called a crime. Your statement discriminates against discrimination in your own mind as opposed to that of others. That is called a double standard. You are also guilty of the hate speech you decry by your demand for “what you call hate speech” to be punished. Another double standard. Bigots? Aren’t you a bigot for wanting people who oppose your sexual choice to be punished. Would you apply that same desire to yourself for your bigotry against people who agree with your view but hate opposing views

      Sexual choice is not a human right under law. The homosexual and lesbian “gay rights” is a distortion because there is no genetic proof of such a connection. It is a choice until you can prove otherwise. The civil rights movement was good because it was based on a genetic condition that was being treated in a prejudicial way. The people who were being treated unfairly had no control over their skin color. On the other hand you have control over who you choose to have sex with. You don’t deserve any special rights or protections. The law has been twisted by insidious marketers who deceived the public and still do to this day. God will have the last word and if you don’t repent before you die you will not like his last words to you. I guarantee you will not argue with him either.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    The deviates are trumpeting their sick sexual proclivities in public again for extra-special rights. Remember, it’s for the children…

    • jimbrony

      You mean the children that the gays and lesbians will never have naturally together? Funny how they want man not to discriminate, but when it comes to the Almighty he gets the final say. Interesting how they say their love is natural and normal, but they never get to procreate. Almost as if there was a grand design in place, and their way is the wrong way…

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Yep. The ones they want to indoctrinate since they can’t procreate. All wrapped up in a pretty rainbow flag for the kids to see. It sure doesn’t belong in public.

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