Tornado Damage in Bradford County One Week Later

GRANVILLE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's also been one week since a powerful tornado ripped through part of Bradford County.

There is a lot of debris still left on a property in Granville Township, outside Towanda, as people work tirelessly to clean it up. While it may look like an impossible task, compared to what this property looked like last week at this time, the homeowners are making significant progress.

It's been one week since a powerful tornado ripped through a section of Bradford County. According to the National Weather Service, it had wind speeds up to 130 mph. More than a dozen buildings were either damaged or destroyed.

"The recovery process is very long and it's going to take a while for a lot of people to get back on their feet," Sarah Neely said.

Sarah Neely is the Emergency Management Coordinator in Bradford County. She tells Newswatch 16 since county commissioners declared the affected areas a disaster emergency, it gives people access to grant money.

"There are monies available, we just have to figure out what money and how we can get them to apply for it, so we have been working diligently the last couple of days on that," Neely said.

While some people have a lot of their cleaning up done, others do not.

"A lot of people are still waiting on their insurance companies, which is sad. It's been a week now. There's no reason for those insurance companies not to have been out as assess their damage so they can start recovery," Neely said.

People continue to drop off donations at Pepper's Auctions near Canton, so people who are affected by the tornado can pick them up as needed.

Residents tell Newswatch 16 they wouldn't be able to get through this without their neighbors, family, and friends who have helped every step of the way.