Possible Housekeeping Scammers Worry Pocono Residents

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Police are investigating a possible housecleaning scam in the Poconos.

Several homeowners tell Newswatch 16 that people have offered to clean their homes for free but something doesn't seem quite right.

People who live in the west end of Monroe County say they've had some unusual visitors this week and they're asking their neighbors to be on the lookout.

Adina Lee stepped outside for some fresh air on Tuesday when she noticed two women walking up her driveway. One had a surprising request.

"She said, 'we'd like to clean one room of your house for free,' and I kind of just gave her the puzzled look as if anybody was going to clean one room of my house for free," Lee said.

The woman handed Lee a pamphlet that listed nothing but free cleaning services.

"I was looking for a company name, no company name. no phone number."

There was also no vehicle from a cleaning company in sight or any cleaning supplies.

"Then I said, 'how much is it if I wanted you to do the whole house?' and she said, 'no, we only do one room.'"

The supposed cleaning company workers wouldn't answer her question and continued to insist on cleaning for free. so, she asked them to leave.

"I think that it was malicious. I think that they were either going to try to steal stuff while they were cleaning or unlock a window to get in or something."

When the women left Lee's home, she watched them walk across the cul-de-sac to a neighbor's house where they gave the same sales pitch.

"I just didn't get a good feeling from it and being that it's a very quiet neighborhood, of course, it sends up red flags," said Melissa Brana.

Brana said the women refused to leave a flyer or any information about their business, so she refused to let them in her home and they went on their way to another neighbor's house.

"Usually, if it's free it's for me, but not in this case."

A state police spokesman tells Newswatch 16 he does not recommend letting anyone into your home who you don't know.

He also pointed out that sometimes scammers distract people by talking to them at the front door, while a partner sneaks in a back door, so always be aware of your surroundings.

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