Dump the Pump

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. -- This is the day you can hitch a ride for free across much of our area.

Many public transit systems in our area are taking part in Dump the Pump.

COLTS in Lackawanna County and LCTA in Luzerne County are offering free bus rides all day.

The goal is to help people save on gas and give public transportation a try.


  • John Harrison

    Dump the pump, good concept! Now how about dumping all those panhandling a**holes that always annoy people!!!

  • Fredric Underhill

    How generous!!! NOT!!
    It is almost 1400 hours in a 2359 hour day and this note is hidden on a device which would make the reader a criminal if he was driving. Mmmmm

    Further the last bus starts it’s run about 2100.


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