Sunbury Residents React to Verdict in Trial for the Squeeze-In’s Owner

SUNBURY, Pa. -- Robert Snyder was found not guilty on the attempted homicide charge he faced during his trial at the Northumberland County Courthouse.

The owner of the well-known hot dog shop called the “Squeeze-In" on Market Street in Sunbury was facing that count after authorities say he threatened to kill his wife and himself during a fight at their home on East Drive in Upper Augusta Township near the city.

Snyder is also a former Sunbury city councilman and many were surprised upon hearing of his arrest.

“We know him, from town,” said resident Debra Carl. “The restaurant and peppermint lounge when he had that years ago, so yeah it was shocking, yes.”

Todd Young works at McGuigan's Public House one block from the Squeeze-In and has known Snyder in the 10 years he's worked at McGuigan`s.

“Was that wrong? Oh yeah, but I don't think he meant to hurt anybody, even himself, I don't think he meant to hurt himself,” said Young.

While the jury did acquit Snyder of the most serious charge he faced, it did find him guilty of reckless endangerment and making terroristic threats.

“That I could see, attempted murder or anything like that, I don't see it,” said Young.

Mindy DePinto is the Snyders’ neighbor.

“I enjoyed both of them, when we would be out, we would talk and never had an issue,” said DePinto.

As far as if Snyder's arrest and trial had hurt businesses at the Squeeze-In people say it definitely hasn't.

“It's the Squeeze-In, nobody cares about that,” said Devon Kemper at Ashez To Ink Tattoo Studio. “You get a dollar hotdog man. I’m not from here and I definitely know what the [Squeeze-In] is.”

Employees at the Squeeze-In declined to comment.

No sentencing date has been set for Robert Snyder at this time.


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