Produce Vouchers Available for Seniors

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP, Pa. --The Senior Farmer's Market Nutrition Program is available to senior citizens who meet income requirements. It allows some seniors to get $20 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables for free.

Jean Berryman's first stop at the Lewisburg Farmers Market was a table in the middle of the market. The Union/Snyder Area Agency on Aging was handing out produce vouchers and Jean picked up some for herself and her husband.

"They work pretty good because you can buy vegetables or fruit or whatever and that certainly helps," Berryman said.

The Senior Farm Market Nutrition Program is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Each county has produce vouchers available for people who are 60 years and older who meet certain income guidelines.

"It is very nice and it's helpful," Geraldine Bingaman said.

Each senior gets $20 worth of vouchers they can use at certain farmer's markets in the state, like the Lewisburg Farmers Market.

"That's a good help to fellas like me," Dale Bingaman said.

"I'll get some celery and I'd get some blueberries if I could find them. Maybe some home-grown lettuce," Berryman said.

The vouchers don't only help senior citizens. They also help Pennsylvania farmers.

"Because they have to buy things that are grown in Pennsylvania," Emily Kerstetter said.

Signs hang in front of the stands that are involved in the produce voucher program. One of those stands is Kohl's Market out of the Northumberland area.

"Get rid of our local produce that we get and introduce the people to buying locally instead of through the chain stores," Deborah Kohl said.

The produce vouchers are good through November 30. For more information click here.

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