Celebrating an American Emblem at America’s Oldest Brewery

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- The American bald eagle's beauty and strength helped make it the emblem of the United States in the late 1700s. When many think of America, they think of this majestic bird that signifies freedom.

"The eagle was chosen because it's a strong bird, but it was also chosen because it's a North American bird," said Franklin Clock, Carbon County Environmental Education Center.

For National American Eagle Day, an American bald eagle from the Carbon County Environmental Education Center was brought to Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville. Dozens were on hand for a brief history lesson.

"It was on this date in 1782 that a proclamation was signed by the Second Continental Congress to approve the great seal. That's what you see embroidered in the carpet in the middle of the oval office."

Everywhere you go inside the Yuengling store in Pottsville, you see the American eagle. When the brewery was first founded in 1829, it was actually called Eagle Brewery.

"This brewery was called D.G. Yuengling's Eagle Brewery. That was the original name of it until 1876," explained owner Dick Yuengling.

So, whether it's on a case of beer or merchandise, the American bald eagle is a key component of Yuengling's storied history.

"It represents America. It's simple. It's the symbol of our country and we're the oldest brewery in America," Yuengling said.

"It's so cool, especially because they are America's oldest brewery to see how they're so patriotic and involved in our country and really just representing our country well," said Nicole Dischinger.

Even on the brand new golden pilsner that was released earlier this year, the eagle is the dominant part of the logo.