Armstrong Takes Over Head Coaching Duties For Riverside Football Team

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The last time Harry Armstrong was strolling the sidelines as the Riverside head football coach was 2010 when the Vikings went (14-2) Eastern champions and all the way to the state championship against Clairton. Since then three different coaches have assumed the duties Evan Prall, John Fox, and Ben Thomas. Now Armstrong is head coach once again.

"First thing we are trying to establish is a winning culture and a mindset of positivity. Our guys right now we've been asking a lot of them and we want to find out as early as possible what they are made of and so far they've been answering the bell. We're doing so much in the first few weeks. Today is exactly 14 days together and it's 12 practices that we've had I believe and they are working really hard and we are just trying to create good habits," said Harry.

It's not like Coach Armstrong is a stranger to this program he's been an assistant to Coach Thomas here at Riverside for the last two seasons, but when you go (2-8) change is needed so when Coach Thomas resigned Coach Armstrong stepped in and assumed the duties.

"I jumped on staff about mid-season with Coach Thomas. It was a good opportunity, and it was a lot of fun. I came out as a volunteer coach and it was actually one of the most fun times that I've had as a coach," again said Harry.

"What is a little different compared to what Coach Thomas was doing? We are just going 100 mph. Everything is just not stopping us now we are just getting ready for the season," said Maverick.

Armstrong had a career at Lafayette college and with the AF2 Wilkes-barre/Scranton Pioneers, but not before leading the 1997 Vikings to the state title game vs Sharpsville. Always a competitor Harry wants these Vikings to compete.

"Our #1 goal is the process. How are we going to operate? What's the work we are going to put in? What type of attitude are we going to have? What type of character are we going to develop? If those things fall into place the rest is going to happen," added Harry.

Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Lackawanna County.

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