Alarming Video Captures Toddler Scaling ‘Un-climbable’ Pool Ladder, Goes Viral

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PHOTO: Facebook / Keith Wyman

ATTLEBORO, Mass. – A dad posted a video on Facebook of his 2-year-old son climbing up a gated ladder to their pool, that is meant to be “un-climbable”.

The toddler’s father, Keith Wyman, posted this video in hopes of bringing awareness to other parents how important it is to always keep an eye on children when you have a pool.

Since Friday, June 15, this video has gone viral, and been viewed upwards of 18 million times.

Wyman says he always keeps a close eye on his two-year-old son Cody, especially when he’s playing near the family’s above-ground pool.

It was that watchful eye that kept the toddler from getting into serious danger.

“My heart just dropped when I saw it,” said Wyman.

Cody had no problem scaling the locked gate, which is supposed to keep a young child from climbing up into a pool.

“I just grabbed him by the diaper and yanked him off. One more second, he would have been in the pool,” said Wyman.

Wyman says it was the arrow space in between these bars that allowed Cody to wedge his feet in and make his way up.

“He practically ran up it, so I looked at my wife Tanya, I said did you see that? We got to get the phone, we got to tape this,” said Wyman.

With his mother just feet away, Cody once again effortlessly mounted the gate.

The video went viral on Facebook, with an overwhelming response.

“I’m getting a tremendous amount of support from all over the world, telling me their tragic stories,” said Wyman.

Wyman says he plans to reach out to the manufacturer, saying bluntly the gate just doesn’t work.

“It needs to be attended to. It needs to be redesigned.//I honestly think the door should be a solid door,” said Wyman.

Wyman suggests kids like Cody should be involved in testing products like this.

We reached out to the store where Wyman bought that ladder. We were told they’ve already contacted the distributor about this incident, and the ladder passed inspection and they’re not aware of any recall.

We also reached out to the manufacturer–a Canadian company called “vinyl works,” but have not heard back.

Vinyl Works, a company out of Canada, are the makers of this ladder, but have not yet commented on this incident.


  • Jesse Locke

    I think this kid could be classified as an “expert climber.” He doesn’t look quite two years old but he knows how to climb. He knows. He’s not trying to figure out how to climb this thing. He’s a climber. I’ll bet he climbs the fridge also to get to what’s on top, cookies and the sort.

  • Norman Vincent

    The video shows a parent allowing a child do something that could prove to be very dangerous. Why? So that a video could be posted on the internet.

    What ever happened to telling your child no.

    • straubdavid9

      In this case, it was very necessary to provide proof of one’s assertion. Well done parents ….. you may very well have saved lives.

    • gutterratt

      More often than not, “just saying no,” doesn’t work that’s why our prisons are full, and they’re “adults.” His parents were right there should they have to had rescued him should he be that fast it’s not like they let him play on the edge of a cliff or something like that! It was a swimming pool in a backyard in a controlled environment. Thank God they were watching him well enough to prevent a catastrophe the first time! Even when you’re watching them they’re all too fast! I appreciate that these parents took the time and initiative to take this video to prove “kid-safe,” doesn’t mean “fail-safe.”

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