Scranton ‘Die-in’ Protests Gun Violence

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Students in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties took part in a "die-in" on the courthouse lawn in Scranton.

The protest organized by a Wyoming Seminary student was meant to tie in with last week's anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Florida.

Students lay still on the grass for a total of 12 minutes or 720 seconds, one for every person killed in mass shootings since the nightclub shooting.

"Because people are dying, we thought we would visualize that for the people around us to show that this is what's happening, people are dying. And when you see it there, even though we don't have the gunshot wounds, we're not actually dead, it, I think it really gets to people, because it's what's happening," Bridget Tost said.

Organizers recruited protesters on social media for the "die-in" in Scranton.

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