Focus on Immigration Debate in Hazleton

HAZLETON, Pa. -- Children being separated from their parents has struck a chord with people in Hazleton, a city that has gotten national attention over the immigration issue.

People we spoke with in Hazleton had differing opinions on how families should be treated for entering the country illegally, but most believe the children should be treated more humanely.

Images of children in cages separated from their families are something Amilcar Arroyo can't unsee.

Newswatch 16 spoke to the community leader in Hazleton. He says with children and grandchildren of his own, he can't imagine having them ripped away from him.

"You can't punish a kid because of the parent's fault. That is not compassion. This is a country of love and compassion," Arroyo said.

Arroyo immigrated to the United States from Peru and says most crossing the border are looking for a better future.

Arroyo doesn't agree with people crossing the border illegally but punishing the children is something he cannot stand for.

"This act won't solve the problem. There is another way to solve the problem but what they are doing with the children, especially with the children, is not right," he added.

People in Hazleton have seen what happens once they cross the border and worry about the status of the children.

"I think that it is sad they are being separated from the parents but you still have to abide by the law," Jack Overton said.

"My thoughts, it is not that some people are over-dramatizing it and stuff; it's bad but everything is bad in life," Aine Kelly said.

While there is no solution in place, those in Hazleton hope somehow the children can go back with their families.


  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    So criminals need treated different if they carry kids ( many for sexploitation)?. Our country is acting properly and those whom would undermine our country need to take a backseat , The needed wall and faster deportation has to happen before we turn into another criminal state like Mexico or worse .

  • AMJoy Fan

    This whole situation is sickening, the way Trump is breaking up families and caging children. We are the laughing stock of the world. This bigot needs to be impeached and imprisoned! It is the 21st Century and the world is a global village, why do we even have borders anyway?

  • lickerblisters

    Maybe Amilcar needs to tell his friends to stop crossing our border illegally with their children. Why are people upset at Trump and the border patrol? Be upset at the parents who are endangering the welfare of their children. Trump is doing what he promised he’d do. Keep up the good work Mr. President. TRUMP 2020!

    • jsrant

      It’s amazing how trump is enforcing the law put into effect 10 yrs ago and every liberal is bitching. People need to start looking at all the true facts before opening up your mouths . Keep up the good work Trump. Keep up making America great.

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