Tips for Staying Cool

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- Too much heat is not safe for anyone, but it is even worse for the elderly and people with health problems. Being too hot can cause life-threatening problems, but there are things you can do to help.

Anne Brovey of Lewisburg likes to walk and ride her bike outside, but with the extreme heat, she took her workout inside to The Miller Center near Lewisburg.

"It's air-conditioned. I can ride a bike here and get all my exercise in and enjoy the indoors," Brovey said.

"Just being in the controlled environment is a little bit better than being outside where we'd have to deal with heat exhaustion," Tyler Hanson said.

One age group that must take extra precaution in this extreme heat is senior citizens. That's why the Union/Snyder Area Agency on Agency is checking up on them.

"We check on those seniors who are homebound to make sure they are cool or have means to be cool during this type of weather," Holly Kyle said.

Kyle is the Executive Director of the Union/Snyder Area Agency on Aging. She and her staff make sure the seniors at the senior centers have air conditioners or fans at home. If they don't and this heat persists, the agency will make arrangements to get a fan for that person. Kyle recommends frequent cool showers, lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, and closing your curtains to keep heat out. Kyle tells Newswatch 16 in cases of extreme heat like this, the agency steps in to help.

"To take people to the mall or to the library, or we'll even bring them into one of our four senior centers if that would be of assistance to them as well," Kyle said.

If you or someone you know thinks you cannot afford to run your air conditioner, or if you need transportation to an air-conditioned place, call your local Agency on Aging office for help.

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