Puppy Boutique Manager Speaks Out About Facebook Accusations

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DICKSON CITY, Pa. -- The manager of a puppy boutique is speaking out after learning her store is under investigation by police and humane officers.

Puppylicious Puppy Boutique in Dickson City is under heavy scrutiny after several customers took to Facebook, claiming the living conditions for dogs there are unacceptable.

Several customers also say their dogs got sick right after they purchased them from the store. On Monday, the store manager let Newswatch 16 inside and told her side of the story.

"We allowed you to come in today because we don't have anything to hide. The worst thing we can do is make you feel like we have something to hide because we don't," said manager Amanda Smith.

Puppylicious Puppy Boutique is along Business Route 6 in Dickson City. Multiple customers who have purchased dogs there have taken to social media to voice their disgust and displeasure with the living conditions of the dogs at the store, as well the overall health of the dogs they bought.

"What would cause people to go on social media and complain about this place? Because it hasn't been just one person. It's been multiple people," Smith asked. "I invite them to come in. A lot of people I think are very protective of animals and if they feel like something is going on, they need to speak up. But they need to come to me and tell me what they think the issue is and let me address the issue. Don't go behind my back. If you see something wrong in here, come and tell me. That's the best way to handle it."

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in South Abington Township tells Newswatch 16 that issues regarding Puppylicious are well documented. It has humane officers investigating the store in Dickson City.

"We have received complaints about Puppylicious in Dickson City. It is an open investigation, so, unfortunately, we cannot comment on the investigation, but we have received complaints, and our humane officers are looking into it," said Griffin Pond manager Ashley Wolo.

"You can't stop people from saying things. Some things are said that are not true, but the worst thing is to presume someone did something wrong until you find out if they did it wrong or not," Smith said.

On Monday afternoon, Dickson City police told us that officers stopped by Puppylicious Puppy Boutique, and everything came back satisfactory. We also reached out to the Better Business Bureau and it has no complaints on file.


  • Barb Giambrone

    Of course the Boutique invited them in…How many days later? Four or more? Sure their going to cover their tracks! And the police? Everything looked ok? Of course it’s going to look ok! Their being clamped down on or are risked being! They need people to go in there and take blood samples from these dogs and run tests.. That dog looked terrible the poor thing.

  • Elvira Paris Walker

    Anytime a store is selling dogs or cats that are under nourished, means that they have no interest in that animal whatsoever. You would at least think that they would make a pretense of caring by keeping them fed and well, so that selling them would be easier. This place needs to be closed quickly.

  • Jess (@Jess_and_Sophie)

    How in the name of all that is good could things have turned out “satisfactory” when that Golden Retriever puppy was EMACIATED??? The pictures do not lie. I’ll tell you what happened – those pictures, and other complaints went viral on social media, and she had enough time to clean up her act temporarily. I have seen no less than five different people complaining in the last couple of months alone about the cage sizes, weights of dogs, and their puppies purchased (what Einsteins are still buying from these places anyway?) being sick. This is not OK.

  • g2-279c35cbef3974cce0accebd4187ae21

    This is a perfect example of why pet shops should not sell dogs. Its heartbreaking to see those photos. The store manager should be punished for selling so many sick animals.

    • Elvira Paris Walker

      Do not purchase, ADOPT. Thee are animals of every species that need homes. They are also more likely to have been spayed/neutered, have their shots and personality assessment. They also get the chance to live with fosters who introduce them back into the world of love.

    • jsrant

      Just what I observed at spca one day. 9 out of 10 dogs were pit bulls and the one Shepard was labeled not for adoption but was very shy and looked like it needed a home. Ask, why so many pit bulls? Oh yeah, Wilkes Barre. Should of known.

      • peatermoss

        Very true about the pit bulls and pit bull mixed dogs at Griffin pond, however any dogs from WB would not end up at Griffin Pond, as it is in Lackawanna county.
        I find it funny that the Griffin Pond SPCA is even considered worthy to comment on this story when they themselves have been in the news for putting dogs down.

    • Vicki Bleckler

      Lisa, I’m a vet tech and have seen the sick dogs that come from there firsthand. It could also be that they are properly feeding the dog, but that it has an overwhelming burden of intestinal parasites that it isn’t thriving. This was the case with several other pups that came from there. Otherwise, I totally agree with you!

  • ozzycoop

    I don’t want to know what the police think. I want animal control or the humane society to check her out.

    • peatermoss

      That’s your opinion and that’s fine, however If it wasn’t for the Facebook post we would not be reading this story on the WNEP web site or watching it on the Tube.

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