Evan Rygielski: 10 Year Old Racecar Driver

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Evan Rygielski is ready to race. Revving that engine and burning some rubber. Not bad for someone who doesn't even have a license.

"Feels pretty good being ten years old and racing a car," Rygielski said.

Yeah, he's years from getting his permit and no, you're not the only one impressed.

"They always want to watch me," Rygielski said of how people react to him driving at such a young age. "They're like, 'What's even doing?' They're so amazed by it."

Rightfully so. The Wilkes-Barre-native races in the Bandolero division in the INEX Series. He can get up to 83 miles per hour. Driving that 27 car, just like his dad... I mean, crew chief.

"I just thought it was always cool that he used to work on a racecar," Rygielski said. "So I wanted to do one."

"It's been in the blood," Evan's father, Brad said. "We've been racing for over 30 years now in the family. So it didn't surprise me. I'm prouder beyond words and right from the word 'go,' in 2013, he's had the fire in his eyes."

Rygielski races here at Evergreen Raceway in Drums. He also races in Upstate New York, but now he's qualified for the INEX nationals. Bigger race, bigger venue. He's going to Charlotte Motor Speedway.

"I'm very excited because it's going to be my first time racing on a big track," Rygielski said. "It would mean very much to me to make my father proud and my family and I'm trying to win every race I can."

But it doesn't end in charlotte.

"I at least want to try to make it in the NASCAR Series' truck series, more of a career out of it," Evan said.

"If he puts his mind to it, he can go that far," the elder Rygielski said. "He's got to show me that he wants to do it and give me 100% all the time and we'll do it."

Who knows? Maybe by then, he'll have to shave.

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