Man Accused of Hitting Woman, Threatening Her and Her Child

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HAZLETON, Pa. -- A man is accused of attacking a woman and threatening her and her child in Hazleton.

According to police, a woman says Edwin Gonzalez Jr. punched her in the face and threatened to shoot her and her child.

Police caught Gonzalez and later charged him with aggravated assault.


  • J (@ds18301)

    Every morning, with childlike anticipation, DG1959 , Licker, Silverfish and company wake up in their mother’s basements and open this site, swipe quickly past the dozens and dozens of sick and disgusting crimes by white people, to maybe, just maybe, find an accused black or brown face. Bingo! Today is like Xmas to you — now you can write your predictable, racist gibberish condemning entire peoples based on one man’s actions ! Merry Xmas. Except that your ignorance is, in fact, the greatest threat to this country.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Aww, poor J. Every time you post your leftist lies I smack you down, so you yell RACIST and try to silence me. It ain’t gonna work, cupcake. Tell me – when there’s a shooting, why do you demonize ALL legal, responsible gun owners because of the actions of one?

      • jimbrony

        Shhh! Don’t try using logic and reason to leftists liberals, it disturbs them. More than they already are. You shouldn’t debate with a madman.

    • jimbrony

      “Ignorance is the greatest threat”. I thought according to your lord Obama global warming was our greatest threat? And it’s Christmas, not Xmas. Filth comes in all colors. It just so happens that the minority of colors commit the majority of crimes. Why is that? How many Irishmen are in MS13?

  • lickerblisters

    It’s all good folks, this dirty Sanchez was only in our country doing a job that you and I refuse to do. Isn’t that right AMJOY? You can take this one into your home also after he’s released from prison. FINISH THAT WALL!

    • AMJoy Fan

      And facing discrimination and a “war on immigrants” being waged by Dictator Trump. Hell, for all we know he may be separated from his kids who are being held in cages in a “detention center”. Privileged folks like you have no clue the stress he may be facing #MAGA Mueller Ain’t Going Away

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