Neighbors Lending Helping Hands Following Bradford County Tornado

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- After a tornado ripped through parts of Bradford County, those in the community are coming together to aide others who lost so much in such a short amount of time.

Whether it was sweeping up debris or simply having a blanket ready, people in Bradford County were eager to lend a helping hand.

Brian Crandell of Granville spent his morning raking up broken glass and debris where a church once stood.

Days after a tornado left buildings in pieces, people gathered for a cleanup effort on Saturday.

"Neighbors helping neighbors, it is what we do around here," Crandell said.

The EF-2 tornado only lasted for about a minute, but it left its mark on this small community. Crandell doesn't live far from where the tornado ripped through and wanted to help.

"If it would have happened to me a mile down the road, all these people and all this help, I mean chainsaws, everyone would help me too, so that's the way it is," added Crandell.

Officials say that since the tornado, about 40 people have come to Pepper's Auction Service for help. Pepper's Auction is usually a space reserved for would-be buyers. It was transformed into a recovery center where people could find resources to help them get back on their feet.

"They have all set up here and fortunately, a lot of the people have stopped by already this morning, not all of them but some of them," said Pam Pepper, Pepper's Auction Service.

"Our recovery center is basically set up so they can get everything they need and not have to search for it," said Sarah Neely, Bradford County emergency management coordinator.

The Red Cross had blankets and other items up for grabs. People also brought food for those affected by the storm.

"Until you experience something like this, you don't know how strong you are and how committed the community is to one another," Pepper said.

Emergency officials say the cleanup process is expected to take a while. County commissioners are expected to sign a disaster declaration on Monday.

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