Honoring and Retiring the American Flag

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DUNMORE, Pa. -- Boy Scouts paid respect to the red, white and blue in Lackawanna County, honoring new flags while properly retiring old ones.

"Our flag, our symbol, it means everything. It represents freedom all over the world. Every country we go to knows the American flag," said Ed Faatz, Vietnam War veteran.

Flag Day was officially celebrated on Thursday, but on Saturday, people gathered in Dunmore to pay respect to the flag.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 66 held a special ceremony to properly dispose of old and tattered flags.

The frayed and aged flag flying at Sherwood Park was taken down, and a new one was erected in its place.

"We do it for respect for our country, and we also do it for respect of the soldiers and sailors, and Marine Corps guys and those involved in the wars we fought. They died for their country so its respect for them too," said Dominic Pace, scout master of Troop 66.

Old flags were gathered by Boy Scouts from cemeteries in Dunmore. Those flags were then replaced with new ones. The old flags were properly retired at Saturday's ceremony, with veterans looking on.

"These scouts are learning how to respect their citizenship. We as veterans and those of us who are not veterans hope they look up to us and learn respect," said Faatz.

"It's a tremendous honor for us to come out here and respect our veterans," said Jack Culkin, Boy Scout Troop 66. "I always feel that's what I need to do to show my support, not only for my community but for the veterans as well."

Boy Scout Troop 66 plans to hold a flag retirement ceremony every year in Lackawanna County.

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