Accidental Death at Monroe County Hotel

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The death of a man at a hotel in the Poconos has been ruled an accident.

The man from New York City fell off the balcony at Camelback Lodge near Tannersville. Investigators believe Saul Salcedo, 29, from the Bronx, fell from his sixth-floor balcony

"He was discovered at 7 a.m. by another guest and they reported it to the front desk, and at that point, security responded and did find him on the ground," said Camelback's Amy Cameron.

One other person was in the room at the time but investigators have not said if that person witnessed the fall.

The victim was part of a group trip.

"Safety is the number one concern for us at Camelback Resort and today we are continuing to work with the police department as well as the coroner's office to understand the details and ensure the safety of everyone," Cameron added.

People we spoke to say it's very sad to hear what happened and even though it's been ruled an accident, they are still going to take extra safety precautions while out on the balcony.

"They should look over the situation for future reference so it doesn't happen again. You know, but it's sad to hear about it," said Abel Santiago, New York

Ashley Smith from Wilkes-Barre believes it doesn't matter what age you are, a high balcony can be dangerous, especially when you're out there alone.

"It's good to have them if you're staying the night to go out and look but I don't think, you shouldn't be unsupervised," Smith said.

Managers at Camelback Resort say they are now looking at what they can do to prevent another incident like this.

An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday in Monroe County.