‘There were some angels out last night’ – Family Thankful after Tornado

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. --  With windows shattered and the roof peeled away, Ken Welch and his wife Jennifer are trying to find out what to do now that their home is in pieces.

The family knew a storm was headed towards Franklin Township but they never expected this.

"I just thought it was another severe thunderstorm so I just tossed my phone off to the side and about that time I felt everything," Ken recalled.

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down here in central Bradford County.

Homes have been leveled, a business and church destroyed.

Ken says he was home when the storm rolled through. His wife and 2 year old were upstairs.

"She was upstairs where the little units were and hovering over our baby," he said.

"You just felt the whole house shake and rattle. I didn't know what it was," Jennifer said.

Even after hearing the storm, she didn't expect to see all the damage.

The couple told us they built a fence to keep their eight Horses on their property during the storm. All of the animals were outside. now several are injured and one may lose an eye.

"There's parts of trailers, parts of other houses up there. She could have just got hit by a piece of debris that hit her like shrapnel. She's going to the vet later on," Jennifer said. "To think that this happened and nobody got hurt is amazing. There were some angels out last night."