Restaurants Provide Aid to First Responders

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- First responders have been at the Arena Hub Plaza since Wednesday night.

Restaurants near the destruction lucky enough to make it through the storm without any serious damage are pitching in to make sure those first responders are well fed.

After a tornado blew through Wilkes-Barre Township, it's has been all hands on deck for first responders to help assess and clean up the damage.

Gaston Romero owns El Rey Azteca in Wilkes-Barre Township and he says he was lucky his restaurant wasn't affected.

"It could have been us, you know? And I just know that we needed to help. We needed to do something for the guys 'cause I knew they were going to be there all night," Romero said.

Romero and his staff prepared sandwiches and delivered them with drinks to the Red Cross at its base of operations near the Arena Hub Plaza.

"The outpouring has been amazing. Our community, going back to 1972, Valley with a Heart, we're here," said Bill Goldsworthy of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross says it has received an overwhelming amount of food donations for first responders. It has even had to turn some away.

"But we're scheduling it for tomorrow. We know we're going to be here at least one or two more days," Goldsworthy said.

David Prohaska is a first responder and says he's touched by the community's support.

"It's a real good feeling," Prohaska said. "Businesses have just been showing up with food and ice and drinks and soda and water. We even had residents come up. A young mother and her young child come up and donating six boxes of pizza out of the clear blue."

Prohaska says the support is a representation of folks in northeastern Pennsylvania.

"It just shows the pride that they have in the community, too. Everybody's stepping up. It's a smaller region that got hit, but yet people are coming from all over too to help out," said Prohaska.

If you would like to make a food donation, you can coordinate it through the Red Cross here.

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