Food Pantry Goes Mobile in the Poconos

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Feeding Families Ministry near Tobyhanna can now take its operation to the open road.

The nonprofit unveiled one of two new vans at the Mountain Center in Coolbaugh Township.

"Now we won't have to do things in four or five trips. We can do things in one trip. That will save a lot of time, money, gas and muscle of our workers," said Diane McFadzean, Feeding Families Ministry Founder.

The purchase was made possible by state gaming money. A grant for more than $55,000 was approved back in January.

This large cargo van is ready to start making pickups and deliveries.

"I can't wait to use it in our pickups and the ease that is going to make. If you can see what I have in that van; it is stuffed floor to ceiling," said Donald Chalk, Feeding Families Ministry.

The larger van will allow volunteers to pick up more food and food that might be a little heavier. Now the caravans are nice but once they are filled, there is not too much room left inside.

"This one will just be for pickups and fundraisers that we do where we have to cart large amounts of things where we used to have to rent trucks. So now we won't need to do that anymore," said McFadzean.

"Whatever it is we can do for this people is why we are here and we are here to serve and the more we can get, the better for the people," said Chalk.

The director says another Grand Caravan will be added to the fleet later this year with the rest of the grant money.

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