Flag Day Ceremony in the Poconos

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- With a trumpet playing in the background, the American Flag was raised outside Whitestone Assisted Living near Bartonsville.

"It's very nice. It's good for us to have the support for them and to have them come out to talk to us means a lot," said veteran David Ace.

The Flag Day ceremony was hosted by the Monroe County Honor Guard and member of the American Legion Post 903.

Francisco O'Farrell has been a member of the American Legion for more than 60 years and helped raise the new flag.

"It's an honor and very touching. I served during Korea-time and I am a Marine," said O'Farrell.

People who just came out to watch the ceremony say it's great to see all the local veterans come together to visit one another.

"It's lovely. To see the people come out for a joyous occasion together is always a good thing," said Edith Berenbaum, Stroud Township.

American Legion Post 903 Commander Tom Bowditch says this is a great way to meet with wheelchair-bound veterans and celebrate "Old Glory."

"It's very, very important. They are wheel bound, they can't come out, we have to go visit them. They served this country, they are now disabled and we have to remember them," said Commander Tom Bowditch, American Legion Post 903.

American flags were also given to veterans who live at the Assisted Living Home in Stroud Township.

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